asphalt shingle edges are curled or cupped

What Causes Cupping and Curling on Asphalt Shingles

Apr 18, 2018· Cupping is when the center of the shingle is concave or depressed, so the tile forms a cup. Curling is when the edges turn up, even if the center is flat. If you notice cupping and curling of your asphalt shingles, you should call a Jacksonville roofing company right away for an inspection.

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Shingle Cupping Asphalt Roof Shingle Defects may include

Cupping and clawing results from asphalt shrinkage on the top and bottom surfaces of the shingles, respectively. The corners and edges of the shingles are prone to curling or cupping as the mat shrinks. Crazing of the shingle surfaces also results from asphalt shrinkage.

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Asphalt Roll Roofing Is Blistered But Does Not Admit Water; Asphalt Shingle Edges Are Curled Or Cupped; Asphalt Shingles Either Do Not Overhang The Edge Of The Roof Or Hang Over Too Far; Asphalt Shingles Not Sealed; Eavestroughs Don't Drain Completely; Eavestroughs Or Downspouts Leak; Eavestroughs Or Downspouts Not Performing Properly

Why do shingles cup and curl long before their warranty

If shingles are curling up on the edges just in one spot -- you probably have a heat source below this spot, like a recessed light. A point blister is probably too much plastic cement under the shingle and the solvent is boilling up, something that happens often over a flashing that will not allow solvent to disperse downward.

Why Are Your Shingles Curling and Cupping?

Inadequate Binder Coating When you notice your shingles curling or cupping within months or the first few years after installation, it's likely a manufacturing fault of the shingles instead of something wrong with your roof. The most common reason that shingles will start curling so early is an inadequate amount of asphalt-based binder applied to the backing.

4 Roof Problems That Can Cause Shingle Curling or Cupping

UV Damage. The sun's UV rays can damage the asphalt and over time, cause it to become brittle.

Dealing With Cupped or Curled Asphalt Shingles

Oct 22, 2018· Dealing With Cupped or Curled Asphalt Shingles October 22, 2018 by Brian Spicer Asphalt shingles have remained one of the most popular residential roofing materials for generations.

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Shingle Curling Asphalt Roof Shingle Defects may include

Shingle curling defects occur on both organic-mat or fiberglass-mat asphalt roof shingles, though we see them more often on organic-mat shingles. Curling roof shingles as shown here will show a curling-under at the edges of the shingle tab, first at the lower edge and sometimes also at the two sides of the shingle tab.

5 Reasons your Shingles are Curling Werner Roofing

Feb 29, 2016· Shingles weren’t lined up properly – There’s an adhesive strip called a tar line on each shingle. If the tar line isn’t lined up by a professional on each shingle, it won’t adhere properly. Which means your shingles will eventually curl or could potentially fly off. Old age – One of the most common causes of curling shingles is age. Simply put, your roof just might be too old. If you have an asphalt

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Over time, the cumulative effects of sunlight, moisture and changes in temperature can cause asphalt roofing shingles to curl or cup.

Why Are Your Shingles Curling and Cupping?

Asphalt shingles are one of the most widely used roofing materials across the country, and most of the time they last for decades with few problems. However, there is always a chance that the individual shingles will start to curl, curve, or develop a cup-like shape as time goes by.

Shingle Cupping: Why Does It Happen?

Jun 28, 2019· The defining quality of cupped shingles is a concave center. On the contrary, curled shingles have raised edges. Cupping is usually accompanied by some curling, but not all curled pieces of roofing material have a curved center. Cupping can occur on both organic-mat and fiberglass-matter asphalt shingles, but it is more common on the former. Culprits

Why Do Shingles Cup and Curl? Absolute Roof Solutions

Mar 22, 2016· If the centre of the shingle is concave, the shingle is cupping. If the edges become turned up, they are described as curling. Common causes include age and wear from weather. Hail and a huge variance in temperature are common causes. The asphalt shrinks, leading to cupping and curling. Do not walk on cupping or curling shingles.

What's the Deal with Curling Shingles On My Roof?

Jul 13, 2018· Asphalt shingle roofing is one of the most popular choices for roofing in the United States and many other parts of the world. However, it doesn’t come without its disadvantages. Any issues that have the potential to let water leak into your home are important and require your immediate attention; that’s why any homeowner with a shingle roof needs to understand the causes and effects of curling

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Why are my Orlando Asphalt shingles curling and cupping? Is [ ]

What Is Shingle Cupping?

Jun 05, 2019· Curling is different because it only involves raised edges. What Does It Happen? Any reputable roofing company, like Diamond Roofing Specialist, would attest that shingle cupping is indicative of old age. Due to constant sun exposure, asphalt shingles incrementally lose volatiles, the substances that make them flexible.

Should we replace shingles that are curling and losing the

Because your damaged and curled shingles will CATCH and hold more water than shingles in good repair, which retain very little. Every curled up edge is a place where water will gather, and ever pitted tile is just waiting to catch a tiny little lake and cause it to freeze up. – The Evil Greebo Nov 1 '11 at 11:37


A fiberglass mat is impregnated with asphalt and then coated with a ceramic grit called granules. Claims of roof shingle wind damage often arise when discovering curling of the shingle tabs after a severe wind storm Figures 2 and 3.


with asphalt shingles. Figure 7. Various shingle anomalies not caused by hail: a) cupping, b) clawing, c) crazing, and d) flaking. Cupping and clawing results from asphalt shrinkage on the top and bottom surfaces of the shingles, respectively. The corners and edges of the shingles are prone to curling or cupping as the mat shrinks.

My Roof’s Shingles are Curling-What’s Up With Th

Jul 16, 2013· The air that is taken in is displaced through higher parts of the roof. The result of inadequate venting is moisture and heat being trapped in your attic. Additional heat on the bottom side of shingles can cause them to wear prematurely, fade and curl.

The Ultimate Guide to Asphalt Shingles Roofing: Costs

Warning signs of asphalt shingle failure or impending failure are: Cupped or curled shingle edges; Cracks where shingles have become brittle; Recurring leaks; The appearance has become dull through loss of granules; Cupped shingles can also be a sign your

Guidelines for asphalt shingle roofing

GUIDELINES FOR ASPHALT SHINGLE RE-ROOFING Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry... be done periodically. Look for cracks, curled or cupped shingles, worn mineral coatings, exposed nails, previous patches, holes and exposed underlayment or sheathing.... lower edges of the roof, in addition to installing adequate

Hints From Roofing Contractors: Why Do Shingles Curl?

If your shingles are curling, there are a couple of possible reasons. Learn which reason might be causing your problem and how roofing contractors can help. Each shingle has a strip of adhesive that's also known as a tar line. If they aren't installed by someone who

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Oct 11, 2017· Curled or cupped shingles are often brittle and will easily crack or break under pressure. Shingles that do not lay flat cannot protect the roof from rain and/or high winds. Repair or Replacement. Many signs of damage such as missing shingles or a localized leak may only require basic repair work if caught early enough.

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