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Bitumen waterproofing: major points and ways of application

Bitumen sheet waterproofing is used for the roof covering and for the protection of the foundation. The material is characterized by non decaying base of polyester, glass fabric and glass fiber. The material is characterized by non decaying base of polyester, glass fabric and glass fiber.

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ALCOLIN BITUMEN WATERPROOFER is a highly flexible bitumen emulsion which is used in conjunction with Alcolin Membrane to create a highly effective waterproofing system. It is non-toxic once dried and is ideal for waterproofing flat roofs, gutters, flashings, water reservoirs and koi ponds.

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Bituminous waterproofing systems are designed to protect residential and commercial buildings. Bitumen is a mixed substance made up of organic liquids that are highly sticky, viscous, and waterproof. These systems are sometimes used to construct roofs, in the form of roofing felt or roll roofing products.

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Bitumen Waterproofing Bitumen based coatings Bitumen coatings for waterproofing of flat concrete roofs, upstands and between brick courses

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Sika®-Bitumen Sika Bitumen is a brown-black bitumen liquid emulsion with excellent adhesion, which dries to a tough seamless, waterproof and protective coating for concrete structures and steel elements Suitable for tropical and hot climatic conditions. Tanking and waterproofing of substructures to provide an impervious membrane in wet areas.

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Bitumen Waterproofing One-Component Water-Based Waterproofing UNOLASTIC one-component water-based waterproofing product, it’s ready to use and guarantees waterproofing of small surfaces even without the use of reinforcement.

Bitumen waterproofing: major points and ways of application

Bitumen primer penetrates deeply, dries quickly and provides a secure fixation of waterproofing materials. Bitumen latex waterproofing emulsion is a fine compound of two mutually insoluble liquids bitumen and water, whereas bitumen is dispersed in water

Bitumen Waterproofing Malaysia | Best Water-based Solution

Bitumen Waterproofing. Home / Bitumen Waterproofing; One-Component Water-Based Waterproofing. UNOLASTIC one-component water-based waterproofing product, it’s ready to use and guarantees waterproofing of small surfaces even without the use of reinforcement. If the reinforcement fabric RINFOTEX PLUS is used, the system reaches the very high...

SBS-Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Siplast

SBS-Modified Bitumen Waterproofing. The elastomeric base ply, Paradiene 20 TG, is engineered to retain its elasticity through the rigors of deck movement. The top ply, Teranap, consists of a non-woven polyester mat impregnated and coated with SBS-modified bitumen. Rolls of Teranap are two meters wide and 20 meters long.

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ELASTOPHENE® FLAM 25 is a flexible SBS elastomeric bitumen waterproofing membrane with a glass fleece reinforcement. Both sides are covered by a thermofusible film.

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Bitumen Waterproofing method is suitable for flat surfaces because the sheets come in rolls. It is usually made of a sticky organic substance to make the sheets to stick on the surface. A torch is usually used in the process of applying the bitumen membranes to make it stick permanently on the surface.

Bitumen waterproofing emulsion for general purpose

• Do not use Plastimul to waterproof structures with water under pressure. • Apply a protective drainage layer to protect Plastimul before infilling. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Preparation of the substrate The surface to be treated must be sound and perfectly clean. Horizontal surfaces (which are then buried or Bitumen waterproofing emulsion

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COLPHENE 3000 is a self-adhered, SBS-modified bitumen membrane for use in approved waterproofing assemblies. COLPHENE 3000 is composed of a proprietary formulation of elastomeric styrene-butadiene-styrene SBS polymer modified bitumen.


WATERPROOFING. Bituminous Products ts manufactures the Blackjack ™ range of bitumen based waterproofing products. Blackjack™ Bitumen Paint which is an industrial bitumen with a high softening point dissolved in mineral turps for priming and sealing metals including drinking water tanks.

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We are the widely trusted Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler and Trader firm of next generation Emulsion and Bitumen Products. With a rich amalgam of innovation and experience, we bring forth a much-anticipated product array comprising high performing Bituminous Products, Asphalt Roofing Felt and Water Proofing Membrane.

Bituminous waterproofing Soprema

COLPHENE® 1800 is a self-adhesive flexible SBS elastomeric bitumen waterproofing membranes with laminated, anti-root, polyethylene film on the topside. The self-adhesive bitumen on the underside is protected by a silicone release film.

Bitumen rolled waterproofing materials: prices

Technoelast Thermo EPP – APP modified roll waterproofing material with increased heat resistance 130, used for the construction of a waterproofing layer in foundations, roofs, bridges and other building structures with increased requirements for heat resistance of waterproofing material.

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Self-Adhesive Rubberized Bitumen Waterproofing Sheet Membrane. Bosocoseal 16 Waterproofing Membrane is a self adhesive, self-sealing layer of rubberized bitumen protected by a film of polyethylene. An overlap seam down each edge ensures complete sealing of overlap seams.

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