built up asphalt roof systems in florida commercial

Built-Up Asphalt Roof Systems in Florida Commercial

Oct 13, 2011· Conventional built-up roof systems have been in use as an industry mainstay for over 100-years. These applications typically use coal tar pitch or asphalt as the waterproofing material which is installed in successive layers and reinforced with ply felts. With multiple plies, a contractor is ess...

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Built Up Roofing BUR Systems. Asphalt has long been the standard for flat roofing systems due to the fact that it’s simple and economical. Built Up Roofing BUR, more commonly known as “tar and gravel” or “hot-mop” roofs, is one of the oldest and most reliable commercial roofing systems for low-slope or flat roof structures.

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Florida Roofing Systems Florida Roofing Systems strives to deliver adaptable and conventional roofing solutions to make them waterproof and weather resistant. We specialize in restoration, installation, prevention, and maintenance of roofs ensuring minimal interruptions to your daily operations.Dedication, timeliness, and proficiency are the prime qualities of our team.

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Commercial Roofing Materials: What Is Built Up Roofing?

A roofing type which has developed out of the built up systems is “modified bitumen” which we covered here. Essentially, modified bitumen is a traditional asphalt product which has undergone modifications which increase flexibility and enhance the built up roofing systems.

Flat Roof Systems: Built-up Roof and Modified Bitumen

Nov 15, 2017· BUR systems are installed through a build-up of layers. A commercial roofing contractor will have alternating layers of roofing felt and bitumen in the form of asphalt, tar or cold-applied adhesive. Apart from cold-applied built-up roofing systems, tar and gravel installation happens when the bitumen is hot, and then the system can cool and harden.

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BUR Built-Up Roofing System A traditional built-up roofing BUR system derives its name from the building of a roof on-site using layers of base sheet, interply sheets and cap sheet or other surfacing such as gravel or liquid coating. Hot asphalt bitumen is

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May 10, 2017· ARMA defines a built-up roofing system as a roof where multiple layers of asphalt alternated with ply sheets felts are applied over the roof deck vapor retarder and, most often over insulation that is attached to the roof decking. Reflective Cap Sheet or Specified Field Applied Coating System: Asphalt. Ply Sheet.

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Proper installation and maintenance techniques can preserve your asphalt roofing system and improve its performance. ARMA provides installation techniques and recommended practices for both steep slope and low slope asphalt roofing systems.

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Built-up roofing, also called BUR, is the most common roofing material used on low-slope roofs. It is composed of alternating layers of reinforcing fabric and bitumen asphalt and is finished with a top layer of aggregate, such as stone or gravel. BUR is preferred for low-slope, or “flat,” roofs because it creates a continuous sealed surface.

Commercial Roofing Materials: What Is Built Up Roofing?

A roofing type which has developed out of the built up systems is “modified bitumen” which we covered here. Essentially, modified bitumen is a traditional asphalt product which has undergone modifications which increase flexibility and enhance the built up roofing systems.

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Built-Up BUR Commercial Roof Built-Up Roof commercial roof systems consist of multiple layers of felts, fabrics or mats that are saturated with bitumen, either asphalt or coal tar pitch. The surface of the roof can have a gravel application, a mineral cap sheet or a weather resistant coating to help protect the bitumen and felts from premature weathering.

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Steep Slope Roofing. Asphalt Shingles; Cedar Shakes & Shingles; Concrete & Clay Roof Tiles; Slate Roof Tiles; Metal Roofing; Composite Shingles; Low Slope Roofing. Single Ply Roofing; Built-Up Roofing; Built-Up Roofing Asphalt; Modified Bitumen Roofing; Structured Metal Panels; Roofing Insulation; Roofing Accessories. Underlayment; Metal...

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Built Up Roofing BUR Systems Popular in North America for more than 100 years, Built Up Roofing BUR Systems are composed of alternating layers of bitumen asphalt and fabrics called roofing felts. The felts are reinforced with either glass-fiber mats or organic mats ply sheets and when joined with the bitumen form a durable roofing membrane.

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Built-Up Roofing Built -Up roofing consisting of multiple piles of roof felts laminated together with bitumen. Built-up roof material can consist of bitumen-saturated felt, coated felt, polyester felt or other fabrics. A surfacing is generally applied and can be asphalt, aggregate gravel or slag, emulsion or a granule-surfaced cap sheet.

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Built-up Roofing Tar and Gravel Applied over low-slope roof decks, a built up roof consists of two or more plies of fiberglass reinforced felts saturated with bituminous parts.

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Built-Up Roofing Asphalt. For nearly a century, BURA has been one of our key product lines. The cost of a Built-Up Roofing system is minimal when compared to the lifecycle and durability of the system. For those who know the roof above is critical to protecting the business below, the choice is clear: Long-lasting, resilient Trumbull® Built-Up Roofing Asphalt products.


• This Manual contains the latest information relating to the application of GAF's GAFGLAS® Built-Up Roofing Systems modified bitumen, and is based on our years of experience in the commercial roofing field. It has been prepared as a general guide to assist architects, engineers, roofing contractors, and owners in the use of our roofing systems.

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Built Up Roof Cost Non-discounted retail pricing for: Fiberglass base and ply mats. Cool coating cap sheet. Quantity includes typical waste overage, material for repair and local delivery. 129 square feet: $111.35: $136.87: Built Up Roof Labor, Basic Basic labor to install built up roofing with favorable site conditions. Clear roof surface of debris.

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Built-Up Flat & Low-Slope BUR Roofing Materials, Choices, Costs, Life Expectancy, Characteristics. Built-Up roofs or BUR or "tar and gravel" roofs if tar and gravel top coat were applied are constructed traditionally using multiple layers of heavy-weight roofing felt roof plies cemented together by hot mopped asphalt.

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Built-Up roof membranes BUR and Modified Bitumen Mod-Bit are generally composed of alternating layers of bitumen and reinforcing fabrics that create a finished membrane. Benefits of BUR and Mod-Bit Time-tested defense. BUR roof systems have been utilized for over 100 years in the roofing industry.

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The bitumen typically used in built-up roof systems is asphalt, coal tar or cold-applied adhesive. The asphalt or coal tar is heated in a kettle or tanker and then applied by mop or mechanical spreader. Cold-applied adhesives do not have to be heated to be applied

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Asphalt Roofing Systems Built Up Roof System Firestone Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems provide architects, contractors and building owners with the ability to design new or re-roof systems that fit a variety of climates, environments and applications.

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Here we’ll discuss types of flat roofing. Built Up Roofing BUR This multi-layer roof design is a proven system that has been around for generations. BUR is found in many low slope residential and commercial roofing applications. MATERIALS. Alternating layers of roofing felt usually fiberglass and hot-applied asphalt

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