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Spun bond / Needle punched Waterproof roofing mat, waterproof roofing fabric for bitumen membrane production is made from highly strong 100% Polyester Non woven fiber. 5.Separation:The isolation of the railway dregs and the roadbed, roadbed and the soft base, surface of the airdrome and parking lot and the groundsill, different dam materials.

Long Fiber Polyester Mat For Stretchy Asphalt Roofing

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May 12, 2016· With the advancement of glass fiber as well as polyester mat technology, asphalt roofing — including shingles, BUR and modified bitumen — moved to a new family of high-performance reinforcements. Fiberglass and polyester are stronger, more durable and more resistant to water damage than their predecessors.

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The basics of asphalt roofing. This product is made of a base mat or organic material cellulose fibers or inorganic material glass fibers. The organic mat is saturated and coated with asphalt and then surfaced with ceramic-coated opaque mineral granules.

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Jun 01, 2005· There are two types of polyester felts: stitchbond polyester and spunbond polyester. Stitchbond polyester is produced with fibers that are 1 to 3 inches, which are used to form nonwoven fiber mats. Special needles are stitched through the mats prior to the addition of the chemical binder that improves the strength of the mats.

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TAMKO® SA BASE and CAP sheets are used together as a self-adhering rubberized asphalt roofing system for low-slope roof areas and are available in a variety of colors to complement shingles and other building materials and help add beauty and curb appeal.

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Fiberglass Mineral Surface Roll Roofing 90# Fiberglass Mineral Surface Roll Roofing Data Sheet Fiberglass reinforced asphalt coated underlayment with a ceramic granular surface to protect against UV, weathering and physical damage. Width 36 in Length 36 ft Gross Coverage 108 sq ft Weight 72 lb nominal Good for both low and steep slope...

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Discount Roof Underlayments, Housewraps & Reinforcement Fabrics. These roofing materials are used for waterproofing and reinforcement. They include fiberglass cloths, T272 Stitch-bonded Polyester Tietex type, woven roofing fabrics, mat roofing fabrics, asphalt coated fabrics, resin coated fabrics and more.

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There are a wide range of reinforcements used in SBS roofing materials. These include fiberglass or polyester mats and scrims, or combinations of both. The fiberglass mats range in weight from 1.0 to 2.5 pounds per 100 square feet or around 50 to 125 grams per square meter. Polyester reinforcements range in weight from 3.5 to 5.0 pounds per 100 square feet or 170 to 250 grams per square meter.

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Asphalt-saturated felt was the go-to roofing underlayment until about 15 years ago. That’s when synthetic products started gaining in popularity. Commonly referred to as “felt paper” or “tar paper,” common roofing felt is made of varying blends of cellulose natural plant fibers, polyester, bitumen or asphalt.

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The good tension and elongation spunbond long fiber nonwoven polyester base mat for asphalt membrane production that we sell is of high quality, long durability and good performance. Offering you good after-sale service and fast delivery, we warmly welcome you to get the quality product made in China from our factory.

Henry 324 ft. x 40 in. 195 Polyester Fabric-HE195924 The

Henry 195 Polyester Fabric is a stitch bonded high performance fabric for use in cold applied built-up roofing and roof maintenance systems. Henry 195 Polyester Fabric is white to off white with lay lines for 1 and 2-ply roof systems.

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Jute Burlap Fabrics: These are asphalt saturated and commonly known as treated burlap. Asphalt saturated Jute is a coarse fabric which tends to hold more bituminous roof coating material, resulting in a heavier build-up of coating in fewer applications. It is quite often specified for roofing and waterproofing.

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The high heat resistance is especially crucial when working with asphalt shingles and build up roof BUR membranes, which involves coating the polyester fibers with hot asphalt. The binder protects fibers from those high temperatures, preventing the plastic from melting and helping the material hold its structure. Recycled plastic mat is here to stay. When it comes to using recycled materials to create nonwovens

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The Roof Coating is applied to establish a vapor barrier and waterproof membrane. Prime Security prevents or stops existing rust on metal, and stops migration of oils in asphalt products. For high tensile strength, a fiberglass mat is installed in the Prime Security Emulsion during application. The second and final product is Top Security.

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Modified bituminous roofing underlayment reinforced with a heavyweight fiberglass mat. Glass fiber reinforcement on the upper surface for enhanced skid resistance. Width 36 in Length 66 ft Thickness 48 mil nominal Gross Coverage 2 squares Weight 50 lb nominal Use under shingles, cedar shakes, mechanically attached tiles. Good

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HPR Premium Glasfelt is a 25-mil thick 0.63 mm asphalt-saturated mat made up of fiberglass monofilaments bonded together with a water-resistant melamine binder and reinforced with fiberglass strands. HPR Polyscrim Plus is a 30-mil thick 0.76 mm continuous filament, point bonded, chemically treated, polyester mat.

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SBS-modified bitumen is essentially asphalt that has been enhanced to provide better long-term performance as a protective roofing material. There are three main components involved in modifying asphalt for roofing usage: the asphalt itself, the SBS synthetic

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BENEFITS: Pika Ply SS-4 is reinforced with a heavy spunbonded polyester mat coated with premium asphalt modified with styrenebutadiene-styrene SBS block copolymers. This unique blend of materials yields a membrane with superior low temperature flexibility, elongation and waterproofing characteristics.

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Nov 04, 2008· Underlayments Roundup: New Products Provide Multiple Options. November 4, 2008.... “Not long ago, traditional asphalt-saturated felt was a mainstay of residential roofing,” Ratcliff said.... glass-fiber reinforced with a polyester mat and granulated top surface. Manufactured with Polyglass’ patented ADESO self-adhesive technology. Size...

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DynaFlex is used as a fiber glass/polyester reinforced cap flashing membrane in a variety of multi-ply roofing systems. Ceramic-Coated Roofing Granules: Specifically engineered for optimal embedment in the SBS-blend sheet. The ceramic coating promotes excellent long-term adhesion.

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The product is designed for use as a waterproofing membrane and is reinforced with a polyester mat, which is coated with a polymer-modified asphalt. The cap Sheet is a granule-surfaced roofing membrane designed to be used with a self-adhering base/ply sheet to provide long-lasting protection for the low-slope areas of your property.

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