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A tar and gravel roof, or built-up roofing, consists of several layers of waterproof material alternated with hot tar and a surface layer of mineral aggregate, often smooth river stone. This surface layer weighs down the built-up roof, protects it from sun exposure, and serves as decoration.

What Is A Tar and Gravel Roof?A tar and gravel roof, or built-up roofing, consists of several layers of waterproof material alternated with hot tar and a surface layer of minera...Advantages of A Tar and Gravel RoofOf all the flat roofing options, a tar and gravel roof is the most economical. It provides excellent protection against UV rays and is an attractiv...Disadvantages of A Tar and Gravel RoofA tar and gravel roof is very heavy. Joists, or the supports for your roof, may have to be strengthened before application. This kind of roofing is...

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Jul 08, 2015· Most houses with flat or nearly-flat roofs are topped with built-up roofing, or “tar-and-gravel” roofing, made from fiberglass-based asphalt sheeting that is applied in layers, with hot bitumen mopped on between each layer.

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There are different types and weights of gravel used on flat roofs for these purposes. Gravel to protect Built-Up Roofs. A built-up roof BUR, sometimes called a tar-and-gravel roof, is a tried-and-true style of flat roof. Here, alternating layers of roofing felt usually fiberglass and hot-applied asphalt are combined to create a long-lasting roof system.

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The traditional hot tar and gravel roof is built by using 5 plies of tar paper alternated with hot tar embedded and covered by a layer of finely crushed gravel to reflect the rays of the sun and protect the asphalt from dehydration.

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Built-up roofs or BURs also called a tar and gravel roof is a well-established and popular style of flat roof that is made up of alternating layers of roofing felt or fiberglass and asphalt that is applied with heat, which combine to make a long-lasting sturdy roofing system.

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Tar and Gravel Roofing Systems have been in use in the U.S. for over 100 years. These roof systems are commonly referred to as “built up” roofs. Tar and gravel systems are installed by alternating layers of asphalt or tar and supporting fabrics directly onto the roof.

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Removing a tar and and gravel roof means hard labor. To cut down on the sweating and broken backs, the right tools are absolutely essential. If you just go at the tar and gravel roof with a shovel, you are going to be up there all day, all week or all month. Additionally, never try to remove a tar and gravel ro

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Tar and Gravel, Asphalt re-roofing contractor. Call 514-489-8178 for your Free flat roof replacement estimate. Mont-Rose Roofing services Montreal the West Island, South Shore & Laval. 10 Year Warranties, open since 1984. RBQ# 2267-5367-96. Member of the Quebec Master Roofers Association.

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But asphalt shingles are a satisfactory roofing choice, used on about 75% of the roofs in America. A built-up tar and gravel roof has an average lifespan of 20 to 25 years, which can be extended by maintaining the roof as outlined above.

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A tar and gravel roof is a type of flat roofing used for some these homes. Description. A tar and gravel roof is also known as “built up roof” or BUR. Traditionally, a tar and gravel roof is usually made of 3 to 5 laminated layers, which are made from asphalt base sheets, hot tar and roofing felt.

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Tar and Gravel Roof Tar & Gravel Roof is a great choice as it is fire retardant, rugged, and safe to walk on. However, it should not be walked on a consistent basis because it can shorten the life of the roof. A tar and gravel roof will generally last around 20 years, although if they are well maintained and properly installed, it has been...

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Problems with Tar and Gravel Commercial Roofs. When you think of a commercial roof, you may think of black tar being mopped on a flat roof. That’s because tar and gravel built-up roofs are one of the oldest commercial roof types in the US.

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Roofs with a rise of 3 inches for every 12 inches of run or less are candidates for a built-up roofing system. Tar-and-gravel roofs consist of several layers of asphalt impregnated building paper...

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Flat roofs usually come with a 10- to 20-year warranty but the roofs can last 25 years if properly installed and maintained. Built-Up Roof BUR The traditional hot-tar-and-gravel roof is built from three or more plies of waterproof material alternated with hot tar and ballasted by a layer of smooth river stone.

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Where the flood coat and gravel surface was inconvenient, substitution of asbestos or fiber glass reinforcements permitted the omission of gravel, with asphalt-aluminum roof coatings or clay-stabilized asphalt emulsions used for UV protection.

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Oct 20, 2014· Gravel Roof Advantages Most gravel roofs are inexpensive to build, offer some protection to vulnerable asphalt against UV damage, and the stones are very durable. Gravel Roof Disadvantages On the other hand, gravel roofs are hot, energy

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Many homes and commercial buildings have flat or low-pitched roof structures, and many of these feature asphalt-based roof systems installed on them.These built-up roof systems can be either smooth surfaced or have a gravel surface on them to help protect them from weathering.

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Tar & Gravel roofs have been around for centuries. They are composed of layers of perforated felt or fiberglass material with asphalt in between, flooding the top with asphalt and applying gravel to the hot asphalt. Contact Eastman Roofing to discuss your tar & gravel roof repair today!

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Nov 22, 2016· The weight on your roof: Compared to lightweight systems like SBS or EPDM, tar and gravel roofs are very heavy. With SBS there are usually a couple layers of a synthetic rubber product, but with tar and gravel, there are three or more layers of tar, felt or fibreglass layers, and small rocks.

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Tar and Gravel / Flat Roof Solutions. Tar and Gravel roofs are still one of the most popular options in Canada. This is not to say that the other roof systems presented on our web site are inferior they are all different and there is a roof solution and budget for every Customer.

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