us patent for method of making asphaltic roofing

US Patent for Method of making asphaltic roofing material

1. The method of making an asphaltic roofing material in the form of a shingle or a roll in which a heated asphaltic mix is applied to a substrate web, and in which the heated asphaltic mix includes an asphaltic base and a filler, comprising the steps of: heating said asphaltic base to permit application to the substrate web

US Patent for Asphalt roofing and method of making same

Justia Patents US Patent for Asphalt roofing and method of making same Patent Patent # 4,035,544 Asphalt roofing and method of making same. Sep 11, 1975. An asphalt roofing which comprises a base material of a bulky non-woven fabric made of filaments of synthetic fibres intertwined with each other and an asphalt with which said base material...

US Patent for Method of manufacturing granule coated

Justia Patents Localized Different Areas Produced US Patent for Method of manufacturing granule coated asphaltic articles Patent... Methods of making and using a self adhering roofing membrane;... one or more embodiments of the invention are directed toward a method that produces asphaltic articles having improved coverage of the granules.

Method of making asphaltic roofing material containing

Oct 15, 1996· Asphaltic or bituminous materials as used in the roofing industry are well known in the art, with examples being described in the U.S. patent of Mikols, U.S. Pat. No. 4,490,493 issued Dec. 25, 1984 and in the U.S. patent of Hansen, U.S. Pat. No. 4,405,680 issued Sep. 20, 1983.

US Patent for Moisture cure asphaltic material and methods

Jun 17, 2015· Justia Patents Of Lamina To Building Or Installed Structure US Patent for Moisture cure asphaltic material and methods of... be a made from wood, roofing underlayment, layers of old roofing, metal, water-proof membranes, etc. A first layer of roofing material 14, e.g., asphaltic roll roofing is... A method for making a composition, comprises...

US Patent for Method for manufacturing asphaltic sheet

Jul 21, 2014· A method for producing an asphaltic sheet having expandable graphite dispersed in one or more asphaltic components thereof, the method comprising preparing a masterbatch by combining asphalt binder and polymeric modifier at a first temperature, cooling the masterbatch to a second temperature, where the second temperature is lower than the first temperature, adding, after said step

US3783000A Method for preparing water-proof asphalt

granular, powdery and flaky asphalts are used for paving road surfaces, preparing water-proof roofing materials and filling joints between blocks, as well as other uses. this asphalt may be mixed with aggregates at the work site rather than at an asphalt mixing plant.

Asphaltic roofing material with Class F fly ash filler

Feb 21, 1995· Asphaltic roofing material, such as roll or shingle roofing, employs Class F fly ash as the filler to the asphaltic base material. The fly ash is more readily heated than conventional crushed limestone which has been used as a filler, and further promotes a more rapid cooling of the composite asphaltic web prior to rolling or cutting into shingles.

Method and composition of asphaltic roofing fluxes

Apr 21, 1987· Broadly, it is an object of this invention to provide a precise method for determining the proper amounts of selected materials to be added to an unaccepable roofing flux to make it suitable as a roofing flux. In some embodiments of this invention, it is an object to provide a novel use for waste plastics in asphaltic flux compositions.

Bert W. Elliott Inventions, Patents and Patent

The method includes coating a shingle mat with roofing asphalt to make an asphalt-coated sheet, adhering a reinforcement member to a portion of the asphalt-coated sheet, covering the asphalt-coated sheet, and optionally covering the reinforcement member, with granules to make a granule-covered sheet, dividing the granule-covered sheet into an overlay sheet and an underlay sheet, wherein the

Steven C. Bettoli Inventions, Patents and Patent

Roofing membrane and method Patent number: 4992315 Abstract: A bituminous roofing membrane, and method of manufacture, is disclosed having a reinforcing mat sandwiched between top and bottom layers of a tacky polymer modified bitumen.

Solvent-free, organoclay-filled asphaltic polyurethane

Jun 06, 1995· Depending upon the ratio of asphalt to PUR, the amount and types of filler, and the amount of various additives used, the dispersion may be used as a roof coating, or a coating for buried pipelines, an adhesive for multiple layers of roofing membrane in a built-up roof, an adhesive for roofing panels of organic or inorganic material secured

Method for applying granules to strip asphaltic roofing

Apr 29, 1997· Method for applying granules to strip asphaltic roofing material to form variegated shingles. United States Patent 5624522. Abstract: A method and apparatus for applying granules to a coated asphalt sheet to form at high production speeds with shingles a variegated pattern having uniform pattern edges.... Method and apparatus for applying...

Authors: James S Belt · Roger W SmithAffiliation: Owens Corning

US Patent # 5,110,627. Process for making reinforcements

United States Patent : 5,110,627: Shoesmith, et al. May 5, 1992 Process for making reinforcements for asphaltic paving Abstract. Disclosed is a process for making a reinforcement for asphaltic paving. The process includes selecting an open grid including two sets of parallel strands of continuous filament fibers, the grid having openings...

US 8784554 B2 Asphalt Modifiers, Methods Of Modifying

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United States Patent and Trademark Office

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Patents by Inventor Ibnelwaleed A. Hussein Justia

Patents by Inventor Ibnelwaleed A. Hussein Ibnelwaleed A. Hussein has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO.

Patents by Inventor Saleh H. Al Idi Justia

The invention provides a heavy oil ash asphalt composition that includes a base asphalt, sulfur, and heavy oil ash resulting in improved properties, as well as a method of making the composition. The heavy oil asphalt compositions can be used for asphalt based roofing compositions, damp-proofing compositions, and water proofing materials.

United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

8,137,757, which describes and claims methods for print-ing nail tabs or reinforcement strips on roofing or building cover material. Fast Felt sued Owens Corning for in-fringement, and Owens Corning then filed a petition with the Patent and Trademark Office PTO seeking an inter partes review of claims 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7 under 35 U.S.C.

Breathable Non-asphaltic Roofing Underlayment Having

The Patent Description & Claims data below is from USPTO Patent Application 20060286347, Breathable non-asphaltic roofing underlayment having tailorable breathability. FIELD OF THE INVENTION [0001] The present invention relates to a building materials composite, and more particularly to a non-asphaltic roofing underlayment that is breathable, [ ]

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