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APP Bitumen Membrane Bituminous waterproofing methods are designed to protect commercial and residential buildings, bituminous roofing is suitable for all kinds of buildings. Bitumen is a mixture made up of organic liquids having highly sticky, viscous, and waterproof properties, this is the specialty of Bitumen.

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FAQs about Atactic-Polypropylene APP Modified Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane. APP modified bituminous membranes with mineral granules are resistant to ultra violet UV rays from the sun. The APP membranes without surface mineral granules need to be covered with an additional screed, concrete/interlocking tiles or gravel.


plastic in the form of APP atactic polypropylene, and SBS-modified bitumen is modified with synthetic rubber in the form of SBS styrene-butadiene-styrene. When torching APP roofing membranes, the bitumen begins to flow like candle wax when it reaches temperatures above 3000F. The molten APP-modified bitumen behaves somewhat like hot mopping asphalt, and will flow. On the other hand, SBS-modified

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Mar 09, 2017· Simply put, it uses modified bitumen membrane roofing sheets made from asphalt. These are either modified with rubber SBS or with plastic APP. This ensures far greater flexibility than traditional BUR roofing systems. Advantages of Modified Bitumen. These days buildings are made from incredibly light-weight structural materials.

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The polyester sheets are dipped in heated modified bitumen, put through a rolling cylinder and cooled. Finished rolls of APP modified bitumen have extra asphalt on the back. In torch down application the heated asphalt bonds to the roof substrate forming a durable and resilient membrane. Rolls of APP mod bit membrane cover approximately 100 to 110 square feet per roll.

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waterproofing membrane,roofing, bitumen,APP,SPS

Contact Modern waterproofing is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of APP and SBS bituminous roofing & waterproofing membranes.Our range comprises APP and SBS modified bituminous membrane reinforced with Polyester,Glass fiber or Composite polyester

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Torch on is a flexible waterproofing membrane consisting of a mixture of penetration bitumen, modified with Atactic Polypropylene APP, and reinforced with a layer of non-woven polyester, The upper surface can be finished with a mixture of talcum and sand or mineral chip depending if it’s a base sheet or cap sheet.

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APP Membrane is mostly used to prevent leakage in various areas. We are the prominent manufacturers of a wide range of app membranes to our esteemed client’s. Our ranges of these products are highly acclaimed and appreciated among both the national and also in international market for its high performance, highly durable and gives maximum satisfaction to our clients.

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Torchtar Membranes And Bitumen Products Private Limited has established in the year 2012.We are engaged in manufacturing of Bitumen Drums, Bitumen Emulsion, Waterproofing Membranes, Bitumen Paint, Stone Mastic Asphalt etc.

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The APP membrane, short for Atactic Polypropylene Membrane, is a special waterproofing material that is manufactured from Bitumen.They comes in rolls. Each roll measures 10 metres by 1 metre and covers an area of 8.7 m². With proper workmanship, the APP membrane is a very efficient and durable waterproofing material used in most constructions.

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APP membranes can have a smooth surface or include surfacing material such as aluminum, copper or mineral granules. Polymer-modified roof membranes have been in use in the U.S. since the mid '70s. APP modified bitumen roofing materials are produced in factories and sold in sheets or rolls.

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Modified Bitumen SBS or APP A standard MBS roof system should have a base sheet or ply, similar to the BUR system, then a waterproofing sheet similar to single-ply. To break it down, a modified bitumen membrane is composed primarily of polymer-modified bitumen reinforced with one or more plies of fabric such as polyester, fiberglass...


APP BITUMEN & SBS SHEET MEMBRANES SHELTERBIT SHEET MEMBRANES The Sheet Membrane range of waterproofing products incorporates bituminous sheet membranes for a wide variety of roofing and tanking situations. The range comprises both APP and SBS torch applied products. Details for each product are contained in the individual Product Data Sheet.

waterproofing membrane,roofing, bitumen,APP,SPS

waterproofing membrane,roofing, bitumen,APP,SPS,reinforce, cold flexibility,polyester,glass fiber products from Modern Waterproofing

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This means that the bitumen have been processed with an elastic plastic, which makes them flexible at certain ambient temperatures. This means that APP bitumen roof coverings are more resistant to the sun and UV radiation than SBS bitumen roof coverings. When the top layer of the roof covering becomes bitumen low, the choice goes to APP bitumen.

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Sbs Waterproof Membrane App Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane Roof Waterproofing Membrane, Find Complete Details about Sbs Waterproof Membrane App Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane Roof Waterproofing Membrane,Sbs Waterproof Membrane Polyurea Polyurea Coatings,Waterproof Materials List,Building Materials For Houses from Waterproof Membrane

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COLPHENE® 3000. COLPHENE 3000 is a self-adhered, SBS-modified bitumen membrane for use in approved waterproofing assemblies. COLPHENE 3000 is composed of a proprietary formulation of elastomeric styrene-butadiene-styrene SBS polymer modified bitumen.

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APP modified bitumen products may be installed by heat welding and select products in JM MBR Cold Application Adhesive. 1. 2 All general information contained in this section and in the current JM Commercial/Industrial Roofing Systems Manual shall be considered part of these specifications.

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SOPRALENE® 180 Sanded is an SBS-modified bitumen base ply for use in approved multi-ply membrane and flashing assemblies. SOPRALENE 180 Sanded is composed of a proprietary formulation of elastomeric styrene-butadiene-styrene SBS polymer...

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Bathroom & Kitchen Waterproofing; Terrace & Covered Roofs; Outside Protection; For Manholes & Water Retaining Structures. Application Procedure: The Biggest Advantage of Torchtar SBS Membrane Is Its Easy Application Procedure. Sbs Membranes Have A Bottom Layer as A Release Film, Peel If Off and Stick It to The Application Site.

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• Adhesives- This gives waterproofing to the structure and is the sticking agent which is applied either hot or cold. • SBS or APP Modified Bitumen Membrane- A co-polymer bitumen sheet which is usually reinforced with fiberglass or polyester. • Insulation- Used for R

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Bituseal APP Water Proofing Membrane is uniquely formulated pre-fabricated waterproofing membrane with spun bonded polyester mat/Glass fiber as a core. A R Bitu seal has an excellent resistance to weather and ageing. The core of non woven polyester mat offers an excellent tensile strength, elongation and a superior lap joint strength.

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Bituminous waterproofing. Bituminous waterproofing systems are designed to protect residential and commercial buildings. Bitumen asphalt or coal-tar pitch is a mixed substance made up of organic liquids that are highly sticky, viscous, and waterproof. These systems are sometimes used to construct roofs, in the form of roofing felt or roll roofing products.

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